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NJSSA’s 61st Annual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
REMINDER: Please turn off video and mute if you are not presenting. Thank you!
Glen Paris
Any ongoing studies to show a difference in outcomes during this natural experiment regarding opt-out states? Or are we worried that no difference would be revealed.
Kenneth Mirsky
Has ASAPAC decided how to handle the problem of Andy Harris, who tried tor bring a gun into the chamber of the House of Representatives? I’ve been a decades-long contributor to ASAPAC, but am troubled by his behavior and potential continued support.
Kamil Sochacki
This may be naïve, but what is preventing a massive lawsuit against hospitals who are using CRNA-only anesthesia services?Secondly, how is it ethical to conduct a study where you could be leaving patients with a lower standard of care delivered by CRNAs?
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
Hi Kamil,
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
I will forward your question to Dr. Clark and get back to you. He had to log off for the ASA BOD meeting.
Glen Paris
Fantastic lecture! Thank you Dr. Kain. Thank you NJSSA.
Angela Jones
Very informative! Thank you!
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
Hi Andrew, please let us know your questions here and we will forward to Dr. Kain.
Patricia Browne
great lecture
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
Hi Harini, I see your hand raised, please provide us with your question here. Thank you.
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
Hi Andrew, I see your hand raised. Please provide us with your question here. Thank you.
Anilchandra Bhagat
excellent lecture! thank you.
Patricia Browne
Thanks for great lecture. wonderful for patient safety
Kamil Sochacki
Thank you Dr. Lewis! That was a very thought provoking lecture
Enrique Pantin
Many of us get too focused on guidelines and recommendations, and anesthetic dosing. Following them is a very good start, but we also need to emphasize that the most important question is "would I do this for my loved one?" "is this really what the patient needs ?", by questioning ourselves we often find the best answer for the particular patient. More and more some of us have noted that many anesthetic complications we face are of our doing by treating patients our of "protocolized care" and not out of "individualized care".
Enrique Pantin
I do understand many of us - myself included - fell threatened by CRNA's providing unsupervised care, but we must remember that nurses have been providing anesthetic care since ether was "discovered" as a general anesthetic, and thus it is understandable they try to assert what they feel is one of their domain areas. They though have forgotten that by their career path - nursing - the educational path is not one a physician has and thus their foundation has different base with corresponding different knowledge focus. They though are an excellent collaborator in anesthetic team model of practice.
Patricia Browne
Thanks to all presenters a great educational session
Christina Chin
Excellent and smooth Annual meeting on Zoom. Congratulations for a job well done!
Stephanie Summers - NJSSA
Hi Michael, what is your question for John Fanburg?
Christina Chin
Who’s the good look?
Gregg Lobel
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